Big Data Architecture and Solution Design Patterns

Comprehensive training program on practical aspects of Big Data Management and Solution Design. Participant will be able to gain end to end view on typical big data solution scenarios across various industries and domains. Course provides deep dive into key solution building blocks of big data management along with key design principles and various solution tenets to be focused while designing simple to complex Big Data/Data Lake solution scenarios.

Participant will be able to get clear understanding on various big data solution architecture and design patterns. This course provides insight into tool stack variations across Hadoop and non-Hadoop technologies on Cloud and on-prem scenarios from solution implementation stand point.

Topics Covered 
  • Big Data concepts and use cases
  • Big Data Solution Building Blocks
  • Big Data Ingestion
  • Big Data Processing
  • Big Data Storage
  • Big Data Consumption
  • Big Data Security and Data Governance
  • Big Data Architecture Patterns
  • Big Data Design Patterns
  • Big Data concepts and use cases – Introduction, Big data variations, Industry use cases.
  • Big Data Solution Building Blocks – Data acquisition & ingestion, data lake & storage, admin.
  • Big Data Ingestion – batch data, streaming data, best practices.
  • Big Data Processing – structured, semi-structured, data quality, data aggregation, best practices.
  • Big Data Storage – Data Lake and storage layers, File storage, Object storage, best practices.
  • Big Data Consumption – Data exploration, big data visualization.
  • Big Data Architecture Patterns – Lambda, DW enabled, Cloud.
  • Big Data Design Patterns – System log/IOT sensor log data & social media data processing.
  • Big Data Solution Building Blocks – analytics workbench, Data Governance
  • Big Data Processing – unstructured
  • Big Data Storage –No SQL
  • Big Data Consumption –ML modelling, Federated data querying
  • Big Data Security and Data Governance – Data encryption, data masking, access controls, metadata management, best practices
  • Big Data Architecture Patterns –Hub and spoke, Hybrid
  • Big Data Design Patterns –web click stream data processing, Image processing, audio and video file processing
  • Basic experience in design of data integration and data management solutions
  • Foundation – INR 20,000
  • Advanced – INR 20,000
  • Foundation+Advanced – INR 35,000
Duration (Saturday-Classroom)
  • Foundation –  4 weeks duration – 4 hours/week
  • Advanced –  4 weeks duration – 4 hours/week

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