SAS® Certified Data Quality Steward for SAS9

Designed for individuals who are using DataFlux® Data Management Studio to perform a variety of data quality tasks, including profiling data, cleansing data and monitoring data for usability.

The Course covers the majority of content of both DataFlux Data Management Studio: Basics and DataFlux Data Management Studio: Advanced. It introduces and expands the knowledge of DataFlux Data Management Studio and includes topics for data explorations and profiling, data jobs to perform data management tasks (such as data quality and entity resolution), data monitoring, usage of DataFlux Expression Engine language, custom metrics, macro variables and process jobs. Further, Data Quality Stewards would learn more about the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) and using the DataFlux Data Management Platform Customize application.

Learn how to:
  • Create and review data explorations and data profiles.
  • Create data jobs for data improvement.
  • Parameterize jobs and business rules within DataFlux Data Management Studio.
  • Create, maintain and apply business rules and tasks.
  • Understand the QKB components and various definition types.
  • Apply QKB components to address data quality issues.
  • Expand basic functionalities using Expression Engine Language (EEL).
  • Use macro variables.
  • Create process jobs.
  • Configure the DataFlux Data Management Server to run jobs.
The fees is inclusive of
  • Fee: ₹72,000+GST | Duration: 48 Hours
  • Training & Digital Badge
  • Course material
  • 2 attempts of Global certification
Course Outline:

Dataflux Outline:

  • Introduction to DataFlux Methodolgy and Course Flow
  • DataFlux Data Management Studio: Getting Started
  • Working Through the PLAN Phase of the DataFlux Methodology
  • Working Through the ACT Phase of the DataFlux Methodology
  • Working Through the MONITOR Phase of the DataFlux Methodology
  • DataFlux Expression Engine Language (EEL)
  • Custom Metrics, Macros, and More
  • Process Jobs
  • Tips, Tricks, and Other Topics

Quality Knowledge Base Outline:

  • Introduction to QKB Customization
  • Parse Definitions
  • Match Definitions
  • Standardization Definitions
  • Other Definitions

Software Addressed: DataFlux Data Management Server, DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.4 software.

Download Course Curriculum Here


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